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Winter League 2023 Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to Longshotz Golf League 2023! Welcome to Longshotz Golf League! We are very excited to be offering an Order of Merit series of 10 - 18 hole rounds of golf using the Stableford points system with the top 16 advancing to the stroke play playoff final. The first 10 matches will be played between Jan 9th 3rd through March 19, with the final being played on March 25th. Each participant will have an entire week in which to get their round played; these rounds can be played in groups ranging in size from 1 to 4 (allow 1 hr per person to play 18 holes). You can not catch up on rounds but you can play ahead if you are going to miss a week. Long-term tee time bookings can be accommodated if punch cards are purchased.

It is recommended you book your tee-time 1-week in advance. Each week’s round must be completed by Sunday at closing time (11pm), which means that weekly rounds can be played anytime between Monday morning and Sunday night. If going on “vacation,” rounds can be played prior only. There will be both a men’s division and a ladies division. The course and conditions will be identical for each weeks play with only the tee box being different for the two divisions.

Please visit the link provided to register your trackman profile and enrol in the league:

What is an indoor tournament?

An indoor tournament is just like an outdoor tournament. Same rules apply. You compete against other players and appear on a live leaderboard. You can play in tournaments with a guest profile, but you will need a TrackMan profile to appear on the tournament leaderboard. Join tournaments you have been invited to and participate in tournaments under the “Tournaments” tab within TPS (TrackMan Performance Studio). If you do not have a TrackMan profile yet, you can create one in the simulator, or visit To participate in private tournaments, you must accept the invite sent to your email address, and sign in using your TrackMan profile.

How does the scoring work in Order of Merit tournament?

Order of Merit is a points-based scoring system where each tournament round will give you points towards an overall leaderboard (like the FedEx Cup race, or Race to Dubai). Based on your score in each round you will be awarded points. Individual round scoring will still follow tournament rules (Stableford Net). Points are awarded based on the order if which you finish in each tournament round. The winner of the round gets most points for the Order of Merit leaderboard, second place receives second most points, and so on. The number of points distributed to the winner and all other players is determined by the number of participants.

• 1-100 players →  Winner receives 100 points, 2nd place 99, etc. • 101-200 players → Winner receives 200 points • 201-300 players → Winner receives 300 points • 301-400 players → Winner receives 400 points • 401-500 players  →  Winner receives 500 points • ... • 901-1.000 players  →  Winner receives 1.000 point • ... • 9.001-10.000 players  →  Winner receives 10.000 point

After each round the points are distributed and total points are accumulated.

What are the Stableford tournament tie rules?

When two or more players are tied, the leaderboard will automatically use the rules below to determine player position.

1. Highest stableford round score

2. Lowest handicap 

3. The highest stableford score on the back 9

4. The highest stableford score on last 6 holes

5. The highest stableford score on last 3 holes 

6. The highest stableford score on the last hole 

7. The highest stableford score on first 9 

8. The highest stableford score on  holes 4-9 

9. The highest stableford score on holes 7-9 

10. The highest stableford score on hole 9 

11. Prize is shared.

Scoring System:

The Stableford scoring system will be used with the following points being given for each NET score per hole:

Eagle = 4 points

Birdie = 3 points

Par = 2 points

Bogey = 1 points

Double Bogey = 0 points

Playoff Format:

Playoff will be a net stroke play format featuring a live tournament for the top 16 golfers.


A league fee of $50.00 per player upon registration. 80% of the fees collected will go towards the purchase of prizes. The remaining fees will be used to cover the online league management software costs.

Simulator time will be charged at the standard Longshotz Golf rates. For all rounds played except for the Final Championship (16 players), which will be 50% off. Punch cards are available that result in the following cost savings:

*10-hour punch cards result in a $50 savings


Week 1 – Jan 9 - Jan 15 The Drift Golf Club

Week 2 – Jan 16 - Jan 22 Rochester Golf and Country Club

Week 3 – Jan 23-Jan 29 Hawktree Golf Club

Week 4 – Jan 30- Feb 5 Leatherstocking Golf Course

Week 5 – Feb 6 - Feb 12 Stoneham Golf Club

Week 6 – Feb 13- Feb 19 Lahinch GC

Week 7 – Feb 20-Feb 26 Kissing Tree

Week 8 – Feb 27-Mar 5 Vattanac Golf Resort-West Course

Week 9 – Mar 6- Mar 12 The Reserve at Moonlight Basin

Week 10 – Mar 13-Mar 19 Taiheiyo Club Gotemba Course

Final – March 25th Timra Golf Club

League Rules:


1. Our provided Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls must be used in the rooms, as they are best for indoor use.

2. All shots that do not register must be replayed (no penalty).

3. Putts will be set to provide a “gimme” within 8 foot (8.1 foot is outside of “gimme” range).

4. OB must select “Re-hit”.

5. No Mulligan’s (unless authorized by a Longshotz employee in lieu of a computer issue).


If the player misses more than 2 Regular Season games, they are not eligible for playoff contention. If away on vacation or holidays, you can play ahead you can not make up rounds once the week ends.

Player Behavior

1. All participants are expected to act in a respectful and responsible manner towards their playing partners, facility staff and any other customers in the facility. Players who are found not to be obeying the house rules will be given one verbal warning and if the problem persists will be asked to leave the premises and possibly forfeit their right to continue on as part of the league. Reinstatement into league play will be at the discretion of the league administrator and facility


2. Damage to any of the Longshotz equipment, as a result of irresponsible actions of the golfer, will be charged back to the golfer at full equipment replacement costs.

3. Responsible alcohol consumption is acceptable before, during and after play at Longshotz.

Staff can arrange for a taxi if excess alcohol has been consumed.

Simulator Irregularities:

1. If the simulator stops registering a shot please notify the facility staff.

2. If for any reason the simulator stops functioning and the game cannot be continued or moved to another room, the round can be replayed at an arranged time at no additional charge.

Handicap Calculation:

Please refer to this link for questions and insight on how the Trackman handicap will work.

This is our inaugural league and there will be some growing pains. Your patience and feed back will be instrumental in its success. Thank you in advance for your participation.

For additional information email Rob or Baylee.

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